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Massage and the “Good Hormones”

We have written before about some research carried out in Los Angeles sponsored by NIH which measured changes in hormone levels before and after a massage. The study observed measurable decreases in cortisol – the stress hormone – as well as increases in lymphocytes, the white blood cells that form a key part of the […]

Massage For Marathon Preparation

With the London marathon still a few months away (for the last year before it reverts to its normal spring timing), it’s time to dust off our marathon advice! It’s all too easy to leave your massage therapy to the last minute. In the same way you wouldn’t shock your body by wearing brand new […]

Massage and your sense of interoception

Nothing to do with the impossibly complicated DiCaprio movie of a similar name, “interoception” is your sense of the physiological condition of your entire body. Essentially it is your own sense of how you feel. At its most basic, this means noticing the sensation of, for example, a dry mouth (thirsty!) or a rumbling stomach […]

The importance of touch in the post-Covid world

There can be little doubt that the UK faces an explosion in anxiety and depression resulting from the worry and isolation of the Covid lockdowns. One of the earliest large-scale studies (3,000 adults, six weeks into the first lockdown), carried out by the University of Nottingham and King’s College London found 64% of participants reporting […]

Thai Kosai Is Coming To Holborn

Good news! We are thrilled to announce the (imminent) opening of our second location, near Holborn in the heart of midtown. We will open the doors of Thai Kosai number 2 on 22-02-2022. We’ll be delivering the same professional Thai massage service that you’ve come to expect, at the same prices as at our established […]

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