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Can A Robot Really Replace Massage Therapists?

A terrifying robotic massage therapist is coming to take our jobs! This summer, Singapore-based start up company AiTreat unveiled a robotic massage arm designed to carry out massage therapy on human patients. The robot, named Emma (Expert Manipulative Massage Automation to give it its full name), is being tested with real patients at the Kallang […]

Overcoming Anxiety With Massage Therapy

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects up to 5% of the UK population, according to the NHS. We would guess that's slightly higher in London. Obviously anxiety at times of stress is completely normal, but GAD is more like a constant worry that can seriously affect the lives of sufferers. It’s a long-term condition and usually […]

Massage To Help RSI

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the general term for the pain caused by repetitive movement and overuse of muscles and tendons. It’s always associated with work, and people whose jobs involve long periods of repetitive movement, like factory/production line workers and – more commonly in London – typists and people using keyboards for extended periods. […]

Beat The Jet Lag With A Massage

So the August bank holiday is upon us, you’re just back to London from holidays and yet somehow jet lag has undone all that relaxation… To make matters worse, you thought you could maximise your time on the beach by landing from the long haul flight and heading straight to the office! Jet lag is […]

What's All This About Cupping?

The sight of Michael Phelps hauling in swimming gold medals while covered in marks from ‘cupping therapy’ has generated a couple of enquiries asking if we “do this kind of massage”. We don’t – it’s a Chinese medicine technique not a Thai massage technique. But it got us curious: we didn’t know how it worked, […]

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