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Thai Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins
90 mins
Contrary to popular fears, a good Thai deep tissue massage should not be painful! The pace of massage is slow, and pressure is introduced slowly and with care. Muscles are warmed up and only areas that need it receive deeper pressure. Deeper tissue massage can penetrate muscle fibres that have been contorted and strained through strenuous or applied pressures and manipulate them intensively enough to provide relief. It is the quickest way to deal with muscular tension, and relief can be instant.

Thai deep tissue massage can offer effective relief for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders as well as other muscle pain, spasm and stiffness. A common misconception is that deep tissue massage is intended exclusively for active sportsmen and women or fitness enthusiasts, but in reality the treatment can be applied to alleviate the strains that are placed upon our bodies on a daily basis: sitting at a desk or even standing in poorly fitting shoes can subject the muscles to severe pressure.

We usually include some classic Thai massage techniques to other areas of the body to aid the relaxation process. Thai deep tissue massage is excellent for relaxing and loosening tight muscles, tissues and stiff joints where deeper work is required. Benefits include improved circulation, balance, posture and flexibility. It can help ease stress, muscle fatigue and release “knots”. The relaxation benefits in turn help improve quality of sleep.

The same pressure points (and some of the same strokes) are used as classic Thai massage therapy but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. The techniques used in Thai deep tissue massage usually involve the therapist using her forearms and knuckles as well as her fingers, and using her body weight to apply deeper pressure. A succession of slow, deliberate and focused movements helps to relax these constricted areas of muscle. It is this concentrated pressure that alleviates pain and helps to restore a normal range of motion.

Due to the nature of deep tissue massage it is not unusual to feel a little soreness in the days immediately subsequent to the treatment and slight soreness for up to 48 hours after treatment but within a few days of treatment you will feel freer, more flexible and more contented.
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