Our Massage Services

Thai Aromatherapy Massage

This is a blissful full-body oil massage focused on pure relaxation. We use a combination of aromatic oils carefully selected by our trained aromatherapists to relax or stimulate the senses. This treatment relieves stress and fatigue, and lifts the mood.
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  • 60 mins: £60
  • 90 mins: £90

Traditional Thai Massage

This treatment uses techniques drawn from ‘Nuad Thai’ – roughly translated as ‘Thai Yoga’. The massage focuses on specific pressure points and also employs some gentle stretching. Generally no oil is used in this treatment. If you prefer a ‘stationary’ and more relaxing treatment we recommend a Thai Aromatherapy massage.
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  • 60 mins: £60
  • 90 mins: £90

Thai Deep Tissue Massage

Thai deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of muscle tissue and so can be beneficial in releasing chronic tension in the muscles. There is more focus on acupressure points than stretches. Softer pressure can be applied if you would like a more relaxing experience – just ask your therapist to apply an enjoyable pressure.
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  • 60 mins: £60
  • 90 mins: £90

Thai Combination Massage

A popular choice, this massage combines techniques of Thai traditional and deep tissue massage. It is performed on a massage table and features some basic stretches, as well as more deep tissue focus on problem areas, or areas where you feel you need it.
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  • 60 mins: £60
  • 90 mins: £90

Head, Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

A build-up of stress and tension can often cause neck and shoulder stiffness and headaches. Our head, neck, back and shoulder treatment is the perfect remedy! Let our masseuses slowly work out the tension leaving you refreshed and invigorated.
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  • 60 mins: £60

Foot Massage

Rushed off your feet? Why not give them some pampering with our refreshing foot massage. Although we only work on your feet and lower legs, where our therapists apply gentle pressure to the reflex points in your feet, this treatment eases tension in your whole body.
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  • 60 mins: £60

Four Hands Massage

The four hands massage is a deep-relaxation massage performed by two therapists simultaneously. Essentially you experience two full body massages at the same time. If you really want to be pampered then this may be the treatment for you!
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  • 60 mins: £120
  • 90 mins: £180