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Spring Detox and Massage

Spring is usually associated with cleansing and cleaning, so this spring why not combine a spring detox and massage? The art of detoxifying the body stems from ancient traditions. In Ayurvedic medicine, spring is the perfect season to do a cleanse and help the body renew itself. This philosophy is based on three different body […]

Stretching: Before or After Exercise?

Do you do any stretching before or after exercise? What can you do to prevent injuries and prepare your body for a workout like running or weight lifting? The general advice is to do some type of warm-up before exercise to prepare the muscles and oxygenate them. So is stretching before exercise a good idea? […]

A Massage For Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day get your mother a massage gift voucher as a way to say thanks and show your love for her. Has it ever happened to you that you ask your mother what present she would like to receive at Christmas, on her birthday or for Mother’s Day, and for her reply to be […]

London Marathon Training and Massage

Are you training for the London Marathon? Remember to schedule regular massage treatments to ensure you keep flexible and help prevent injuries. Did you know that massage can improve your running performance? Studies found that massage can make a difference during running training programmes. When your training runs become longer, increasing the distance means more […]

Couples Massage in London at Thai Kosai

UPDATE: Sorry, but we no longer offer couple's massage. You're still welcome to come of course, but will be in separate rooms. It turns out it's not as easy as we thought for the therapists to move around two tables in one room! Are you looking for a spa that offers couples massage in London? […]

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