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The BBC at Thai Kosai (almost)

A 40-person film crew and 100 extras descended on Toynbee St today (12 October) for filming a new BBC drama series called 'Undercover'! Sophie Okonedo (from Spooks and Hotel Rwanda) and Adrian Lester (remember him from The Day After Tomorrow?) were here and we managed to track them down. They looked to be filming a […]

Massage To Help You Sleep

Are you suffering from trouble sleeping at night, daytime drowsiness, low energy and difficulty concentrating? No one likes to go through the day exhausted because of a bad night’s sleep, but many of us, particularly in London, do this on a regular basis. A good massage can help reduce that sleep deficit and remedy those […]

How Long Should A Good Massage Last?

In Thailand you will often find traditional massage treatments lasting two hours or more, but there is only a little demand for two hour treatments in the London, and most therapists (including us at Thai Kosai) offer 30-90 minute treatments. (We do also offer a shorter foot massage treatment.) The length of your massage depends […]

A Few Stretches To Help Your Lower Back Pain

One of the most popular reasons people come to us for a massage is lower back pain. There are plenty of possible causes but one of the most common is poor posture – particularly sitting in an office chair for long hours – as well as pregnancy, obesity and arthritis. Your entire spine is fully […]

How Much Massage Pressure Is Right?

How much pressure is enough? Should deep tissue massage be painful? How deep is too deep? Everyone is very different – we are sometimes surprised just how different. Pressure that would be comfortable for one person would certainly cause serious pain in another, possibly even injury. That’s why we train our staff to be communicative, […]

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