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Enhance Your Exercise Routine With A Massage

Okay so we know it’s the festive season and the last thing you’re thinking about is your exercise program. But next time you’re pondering a tweak to your training - a change in running shoes, a new protein shake, or some new extra light fabrics for example - there may be one enhancement you’re overlooking: massage therapy. Many professional athletes swear by it – for cyclists is practically mandatory – but the evidence is more than just anecdotal, massage has been shown to increase range of motion (which can also prevent injuries), reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery (which can improve endurance)

You should think about scheduling a massage after your workout, before a big game, after a race or following injury. We thought about what you might want to schedule and when:

After a workout

Think about a Thai oil massage. A good massage can help flush out the toxin and acid build-ups that occur in your muscles after an intense workout. You’ll notice you recover quicker and will have less soreness the next day – letting you get back to training quicker

Before a competition

Think about a traditional Thai massage. Before a big event you will probably have reduced your training somewhat, to make sure you go into it 100%. This is a great time to consider a Thai traditional massage – you will loosen and limber up the muscles. Discuss your goals with your therapist before your massage so that she can tailor it accordingly

After competition

Think about an aromatherapy massage. After you’ve won the race and collected the prize, treat yourself! Our aromatherapy massage will ensure deep relaxation as well as pain relief and an enhanced range of motion

After injury

Think about a deep tissue massage. If you’re injured beyond typical muscle soreness, you should see a GP, not us! But once you’re on the mend, regular deep tissue massages can help you heal faster, and manage any lasting pain or soreness from the injury. Or if you’re laid low by your injury and need to de-stress and relax then you couldn’t do any better than our relaxing aromatherapy massage

All that said, why not just enjoy the Christmas gluttony and worry about fine tuning your fitness in 2016 - we’d be happy to schedule you in for a massage before that long office lunch! You can visit us in central London and book online here

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