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Wait, What Actually Is A Muscle Knot?

We’ve all said it – ‘my shoulders are knotted’, ‘I’m all knotted up’ – but what actually *is* a muscle knot? How do we get them and how can we help them? Muscle tissue is made up of long fibres that contract and release, and through their connection (via tendons) to bones allow us to […]

Enhance Your Exercise Routine With A Massage

Okay so we know it’s the festive season and the last thing you’re thinking about is your exercise program. But next time you’re pondering a tweak to your training - a change in running shoes, a new protein shake, or some new extra light fabrics for example - there may be one enhancement you’re overlooking: […]

A Closer Look At Nuad Thai Varieties

There is quite a lot of confusion online and among customers about the types of Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Thai). There are a few ways to distinguish different techniques but to keep it simple we can separate Nuad Thai into two types: the ‘royal’ variety and the ‘rural’ variety. There are loads of similarities (and […]

Gift Cards!

Well, the last firework has popped and Halloween is a distant memory, which means it must be time to start the Christmas countdown! We’re introducing Thai Kosai gift cards – the ideal gift for loved ones, friends, colleagues and Secret Santa Each gift card is good for a one hour massage (the type is the […]

Massage For Relaxation

Much has been written listing benefits of massage – for health, posture, blood pressure, to relieve specific conditions and so on - but still the number one reason people visit us is for relaxation. In the process of day-to-day living, particularly in London, the body can produce build-ups of the “stress hormone” cortisol. High cortisol […]

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