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Nervous About Your Massage? Don’t Be!

We know a lot of people are self-conscious before and at the beginning of a massage session – most often those clients who are completely new to massage, or to their massage therapist. Here we round up a few of the awkward questions you might have before your massage, and try to provide some reassurance. Remember – you’re the client and you’re paying, so just ask, we are here to help!

I'm a sucker for etiquette, can you detail the procedure for me?

When you have been shown to your massage room, your therapist will close the door and leave you to undress in private. Hangers are provided for your clothes. You don’t need to rush – your hour starts when your massage starts. You should remove your clothing to a level with which you are comfortable, leaving your underwear on, and lie face down on the massage table. Your therapist will knock before re-entering to check that you are ready.

Do I have to undress completely?

No, you do not have to undress completely but removing your clothing except your underwear is most useful. You are encouraged to leave your underwear on, and if you are worried about oil stains, we can provide a disposable pair. Some female clients prefer to leave a bra on, in which case your therapist may ask to release the strap when you are on your front, so that your back can be massaged fully.

I’m self-conscious about a certain part of my body, can I avoid showing that area?

People are self-conscious for lots of reasons, it could be that they are overweight, have scars, excess body hair or are just plain shy. Please do not let this stop you from enjoying massage treatment which could be so beneficial. We provide a completely professional, flexible and sensitive service and we will work around your preferences. Just know that we’ve seen it all before!

What if I don’t like it?

Your therapist will ask if the pressure is right for you and can be flexible to your wishes. It is always best to communicate openly with your therapist so that you can work together in treating the parts of your body that need it most. Deep tissue massage, as it says, focuses on reaching the deeper layers of muscle and tissue which is designed to release painful muscle knots and restore elasticity. During the treatment you may feel some discomfort, but you should always let us know if you would prefer less pressure. You may also feel soreness after a deep tissue massage, but this will ease the following day and leave you feeling relaxed and a lot more mobile!

Should I talk during a massage?

If you are anxious for the first session or two, sometimes talking can help you relax - it is completely up you! Some clients prefer to close their eyes and relax in silence while others like to chat. And rest assured, anything discussed stays within the treatment room.

What about any ‘extra services’?

Don’t even go there. Nothing ruins a relationship between therapist and client quite as quickly as asking for that. We are not that kind of place and you will just embarrass yourself. High definition CCTV is in operation in the reception area and if we feel our staff have been threatened or harassed, your name together with recorded footage will be provided to the London Met.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered then please get in touch so that we can put you at ease (and update this blog post!) before a first treatment.

Have a great week-end!

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