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Winter Dry Skin and Massage: Massage for Skin Health

Winter should not be synonymous with dry skin: while it’s tempting to skimp on skincare and ignore flaky skin by covering it in layers of clothing, there are a few things you can do to have beautiful skin all year round, like having a regular massage.

The best thing you can do to look after your skin throughout the year is to exfoliate: exfoliation takes care of eliminating dead skin cells while allowing newer skin cells to emerge. This can help the skin in your face and body stay healthy and supple.

The weather in winter can be harsh, and wind in particular can be very aggressive on the skin. A good moisturiser should help protect your skin and keep it well hydrated. Keeping a small tube of moisturiser handy can be useful, especially in places where central heating is making the air very dry.

Massage for Dry Skin

A great way to ensure the skin on your face and body is well taken care of is with regular massage. Massage uses different types of touch techniques, from pressure points to light friction. Pressure points will help stimulate the circulation, while friction can help shift dead skin cells, providing gentle exfoliation. Massage can also work on the lymphatic system, supporting the body’s own detoxification process. An accumulation of toxins or waste products in the body can show on the skin: pimples and a dull complexion are often signalling that some body systems may be sluggish.

The cold weather makes the blood capillaries contract: this means that any exposed skin becomes paler because less blood reaches it. Massage can help bring a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the skin and nourish it.

Here at Thai Kosai in London we recommend aromatherapy massage if you have dry skin: it is a relaxing treatment using a blend of oils expertly selected by our trained therapists. The gentle exfoliation from massage allows the skin to absorb the aromatherapy oils better. Inhaling the pleasant aromatherapy scents will allow you to slow down and be transported to a state of complete relaxation. Your skin will acquire a healthy glow and will feel smoother and more moisturised to the touch.

Our therapist will take a consultation with you at your first appointment to ascertain whether you have any medical conditions where massage is contraindicated, like a current skin infection. Also, if you have chapped skin, aromatherapy oils should be avoided, and unscented oil will be recommended.

Treat yourself to a warming aromatherapy massage at Thai Kosai in London: contact us to book an appointment.

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