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Tips For After Your Massage

Here are a few tips for after your massage in London:

Take Your Time

You may feel reinvigorated after your massage, but don’t just leap straight off the bed. You could be lightheaded getting up, so take your time. Sit on the bed for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths.

Have a drink and a snack

We always offer you a drink after your massage as the detoxifying effect can leave you feeling dehydrated. Try to avoid caffeine (or alcohol) as these only dehydrate you further. Your body reacts to massage in similar ways to the way in which it reacts to a workout, so think about keeping up your blood sugar levels too, with a light snack.

Give us your feedback

One of our team will ask how you felt the massage was – please be honest and say what worked and what didn’t, and what you liked and didn’t like. We can only improve if we know!

Feel free to take five

Quite a few customers feel a bit ‘spaced out’ after a massage and like to sit in our reception area for a minute, with a glass of water or tea, and come back to earth.

Schedule another appointment

We would say that wouldn’t we! It’s always a good idea though, since the benefits of massage are better felt over time.

Relax as much as you can

Epsom salt baths are commonly recommended the evening after your massage; we suggest an early night and plenty of sleep.

Don’t worry if you feel sore

Massage is a bit (only a little bit, we promise) like a workout. If the muscles are not used to it, they can respond with some soreness. This should last for no more than a day or two and if it lasts any longer, the massage may have been too intense and we can adjust for this in your next massage. Just as with exercise, when your body adjusts to a particular type of workout, your physical response will get less intense over time.

Try to avoid vigorous exercise immediately afterwards

It’s generally better to have a massage after exercise, to help recovery, than before exercise as preparation. After all very few athletes have massages before events!

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