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A Few Stretches To Help Your Lower Back Pain

One of the most popular reasons people come to us for a massage is lower back pain. There are plenty of possible causes but one of the most common is poor posture – particularly sitting in an office chair for long hours – as well as pregnancy, obesity and arthritis. Your entire spine is fully supported by back and abdominal muscles so the importance of those lower back muscles can’t be underestimated. Now we don’t want to talk ourselves out of repeat customers here, but you can actually do a lot to improve straightforward lower back muscular pain with a few simple stretches (morning and night). These can also help prolong the benefit of your last massage and maintain normal comfortable range of motion.

These four stretches will help stretch out your lower back. Take it steadily and try to feel the different muscle groups. Begin with five repetitions and if they cause no problem, repetitions can be increased gradually, to as much as fifteen. Remember, if you feel any pain please stop immediately or else you risk aggravating your back muscles further – it is good to stretch but make sure you are doing it properly or you may cause more problems than you are preventing.

Of course if you can’t be bothered to practice these then just come and see us in central London!

Cat and camel

This is one of the simplest back stretches. Placing yourself on the floor on all fours. Slowly, pull your abdominal muscles toward the floor, creating an arch on the back, and look upwards. Hold that position for a few seconds, then raise your back toward the ceiling arching your back upward.

Extension exercise

Lie flat on your front and then lift your head and shoulders so as to support your upper body on your elbows (with your forearms flat on the floor). Press your palms down and lift your head higher, keeping your entire lower body flat on the floor, until you are looking straight ahead. Hold that position for a moment then lower yourself back to the floor.

Gluteal stretch

Lie flat on your back with your knees up and feet flat on the floor. Then place your right ankle on your left thigh, just above the knee. With your right hand gently press your right knee away from you until you feel your lower back stretch. Once you have completed your repetitions, swap legs and stretch the other way

Side plank

This will help strengthen the muscles and your core, as well as providing a nice stretch. Lie on your side, supporting your upper body on your forearm with your hand perpendicular to your body (see image) and other hand on upward facing hip. Then lift your hip and hold yourself straight and rigid for a few moments before lowering yourself. Repeat and then swap sides

We hope these help, but if not, or you find the benefits of your last massage fading fast, just pay us a visit!

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