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Stressed Out At Work? You Deserve A Massage!

Stress at work is hardly an uncommon experience for London professionals – especially with the Brexit fallout (don’t blame us, we can’t vote). But while some stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your performance at work and make it much less rewarding. Enduring consistently high stress levels can have a seriously detrimental effect on your emotional and physical well being.

According to recruiters Stepstone and totaljobs, who questioned employees across the UK and Europe, almost one quarter of British workers feel anxious at work. Among the eight countries they surveyed, including France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland, British respondents are the most likely to say they suffer workplace stress. Less than one in eight British employees say they do not suffer any stress. At the other end of the spectrum, the Dutch and the French are the most relaxed.

The term ‘stress’ is used to describe many different factors that impact our lives; although it may seem more like a mental state, it also manifests itself in your physical health. Stress leads commonly to high levels of anxiety, irritability or depression, apathy, fatigue and difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, as well as muscle tension and headaches. The way your body reacts to stress is the result of millions of years of evolution and while the stress of your job is not a physical threat, your body still responds to stress with “fight or flight” readiness, by engaging your sympathetic nervous system. Blood and oxygen floods your muscles (and is diverted away from organs and the digestive system). It is not until we can engage the other part of our nervous system – the parasympathetic nervous system – that our minds and bodies can return to relaxation and repair mode.

Let’s face it: eliminating stress from a fast-paced London workplace is just about impossible, so finding ways to pro-actively manage and reduce your stress level is important both to your health and career. Adding a regular massage to your routine is one intervention that can have a huge impact on your stress levels, and knock-on benefits on your overall health and wellbeing.

Why is massage a good solution?

Studies continue to show the benefits of supplementing your overall healthcare plan with massage. With regular massage you will notice a profound difference in the way you react to stressful events, both at work and home. As modern workplaces continue to evolve, some employers are even offering massage therapy as a part of their staff health plans. Regular self-care is extremely important, and scheduling regular visits can help you manage your stress level, paving the way to a healthy, more relaxed lifestyle.

There are other benefits, of course, many of which we’ve written about previously. You can expect to feel reduced anxiety, improved sleep patterns, an overall boost to energy and improved ability to concentrate.

So why not start to pro-actively reduce your stress, and book your massage at Thai Kosai today.

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