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Massage To Help You Sleep

Are you suffering from trouble sleeping at night, daytime drowsiness, low energy and difficulty concentrating? No one likes to go through the day exhausted because of a bad night’s sleep, but many of us, particularly in London, do this on a regular basis. A good massage can help reduce that sleep deficit and remedy those sleepless nights.

Sleep is a critical body function, and lack of sleep can have nasty consequences including mood swings and inability to function at work properly. Activity in areas of the brain that control emotions, decision-making and social interactions are all heavily impacted by sleep.

Massage is already well known to help cut stress and tension, and it can also help with sleep disorders. The US National Institutes of Health has shown that massage therapy can reduce fatigue and improve sleep. Research assembled by the American Massage Therapy Association has shown massage to improve sleep in children, adults, and the elderly. The most important stage of sleep is the ‘restorative stage’ and massage helps people spend greater time in that deep state of relaxation. Massage is even more beneficial when restless nights stem from stress, migraine headaches, and muscle pain and stiffness.

Of course there are prescription medications – sleeping pills or pain killers – that might help, why not try a complementary treatment like a massage (instead of medication or in combination)

Other than a massage there are a few other tips to help improve your chances of a good night sleep, including:

• Exercise to reduce stress and tension
• Unplug your devices an hour before bed – relax in a soothing environment and cut down on screen time
• If you’re not sleeping, don’t lie there longer than 20 minutes - get up and do something for 10 to 15 minutes and try again
• Set a schedule and try and stick to it – having a lie in can end up upsetting your sleep cycles
• Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as these may interfere with normal sleep and hormone cycles
• Lots of medications can impact sleep – try checking with your doctor whether any of your medication is known to impact sleep
• Keep a comfortable room temperature – we all know how hard it is to sleep when too hot or cold

So schedule a relaxing massage at Thai Kosai (or drop in to see us in London's E1) and we will see if we can get your sleep pattern back to normal.
Most massage therapists have had the experience of a client falling asleep on the massage table so don’t worry if you sleep through your massage – it’s perfectly common!

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