This Mother’s Day get your mother a massage gift voucher as a way to say thanks and show your love for her.

Has it ever happened to you that you ask your mother what present she would like to receive at Christmas, on her birthday or for Mother’s Day, and for her reply to be “Nothing, I have everything I need”? It can be difficult to get a present for someone who has everything, right? Thankfully, you can also get experiences as gifts. Experiences make great gifts for mums because they are busy women: time is never enough but you can give them the gift of time.

We never thank our mothers enough for everything they have done for us, from caring for us when we were babies all the way to supporting us into adulthood. Mums rarely take a day off to rest: they will surely appreciate some time all for themselves to dedicate to total relaxation on Mother’s Day.

Make this Mother’s Day a day to remember with a wonderful massage at Thai Kosai.

From relieving aches and pains to indulging in some well-deserved relaxation, a massage at Thai Kosai is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Types of Massage Available at Thai Kosai

Thai Kosai developed a treatment menu to cater for any specific needs.

  • Our Thai Aromatherapy Massage has been designed to transport you far away, allowing your mind to slow down and your body to relax
  • Our Traditional Thai Massage is perfect for active people, with its range of stretches and yoga-like sequences
  • Our Deep Tissue Massage is ideal to banish those aches and pains and induce a sense of calm
  • Our Foot Massage will take care of stiletto-wearing feet or feet crunching miles running marathons, and soothe aching calf muscles
  • Our Neck, Head and Shoulders massage is spot on for headaches, tension and stiffness from working at a desk
  • Our Four Hands Massage is the ultimate in relaxation: two therapists working at the same time to allow your mind and body to let go and emerge from the treatment feeling renewed and refreshed