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Local Thai Food Revisited

We thought it was high time we updated our original post here, having enjoyed a couple of new Thai restaurant openings in our London neighbourhood. Both are completely authentic and already frequented by us - there is Nha Mor (45 Crispin Street) and Som Saa (43A Commercial Street).

Nha Mor

Nha Mor is just a few meters away from us, straight down Brune Street and turning right onto Crispin Street. Owned by a friend, it's already a firm favourite for affordable authentic Thai street food. Genuine Thai style noodle soup is served from mid-afternoon, and there's always a good selection of curries and particularly good Thai dim sum (kanom jeeb). It's takeaway mainly, with a small-ish casual seating area to sit, eat and chat. It's not open very late, so might not be a good dinner option, but as lunches and snacks go, it's hard to beat.

Som Saa (www.somsaa.com)

Just down Commercial Street from us is Som Saa, named after a kind of Thai citrus fruit. We already knew about their food from the original pop-up venue in Climpson's Arch, so to have their permanent site just a few meters away from us is a treat. Critics are saying the restaurant is one of the most important openings of 2016 and they have already had a lot of excellent reviews, so we could hardly resist. Beware the long waits though - we tried to go in the first week and were told it was a three hour wait for a table. The waits are more reasonable now, but they don't take bookings for small groups. The prices are quite steep too - it still pains us to pay £8.50 for a good som tam that we could buy back home for less than £1! We loved the pad prik king and the gaeng baa pla.

So after your massage at Thai Kosai, why not keep the Thai theme going and visit one of these two great restaurants?

We hope many more Thai businesses appear in the Sptialfields area!

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