Massage For Weight Loss? Probably Not

There is a common claim made by some massage therapists that “massage can help you lose weight”. In online discussions of massage therapy, it is increasingly common to see massage promoted as a weight loss technique. Sounds too good to be true, right? You cancel the gym membership, lie and get massaged for a couple [...]

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Stressed Out At Work? You Deserve A Massage!

Stress at work is hardly an uncommon experience for London professionals – especially with the Brexit fallout (don’t blame us, we can’t vote). But while some stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your performance at work and make it much less rewarding. Enduring consistently high stress levels can have a seriously detrimental effect [...]

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Deep Tissue Massage – Your Questions Answered

If you have never had a deep tissue massage, you’re missing out! Not everyone needs the intensity of these therapeutic massages but if you are wondering whether a deep tissue massage would be right for you, here are a few things you knead (ahem) to know before making a booking. So what is deep tissue [...]

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Thai Massages For The England Team?

We’ve written before about massage to help recovery – helping decrease muscle inflammation and soreness and help with quick recovery. Massage is widely deployed in warm-up and recovery techniques in sports, with studies published showing the ability for massage to decrease muscle soreness and increase flexibility. But how about massage to help develop overall fitness? [...]

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Massage To Help Recovery After Exercise

Seems intuitive, doesn’t it? After exercise a massage should help with recovery? There is plenty of evidence of massage therapy helping with pain and recovery from injury, but until quite recently there was only anecdotal evidence of the effects of massage on healthy muscle tissue. Most (us included) relied on the fact that we knew [...]

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Supporting Thai Children’s Trust

From today we are proud to be supporting the Thai Children’s Trust ( The Thai Children’s Trust invests in a range of projects in Thailand that give shelter, safety, education and hope to Thai children living in desperate poverty. For more than 30 years the charity has worked to improve the lives of the poorest [...]

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