How Much Massage Pressure Is Right?

How much pressure is enough? Should deep tissue massage be painful? How deep is too deep? Everyone is very different – we are sometimes surprised just how different. Pressure that would be comfortable for one person would certainly cause serious pain in another, possibly even injury. That’s why we train our staff to be communicative, [...]

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Ten Top Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Massage

We thought we’d post a few tips to make sure you enjoy your massage. They may seem obvious, but you never know 1. Communicate to your therapist! If the massage pressure is too hard or too light, don’t be afraid to speak up. Your therapist is there to help you, not injure you. Tell them [...]

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How Often Should You Get A Massage?

A pretty common question is: when should I come back? Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all answer – it really depends on you, what your massage goals are and the severity of your stress or condition. While we all agree that a daily massage would be great, you need consider your time, your body and your [...]

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Local Thai Food – Why Not Make A Night Of It?

We wouldn’t suggest a big meal before your massage, but afterwards how about continuing the Thai theme and visiting one of the excellent nearby Thai restaurants. We are sometimes asked for food recommendations – after all, who better to judge authentic Thai cuisine than native Thais! We suggest you steer clear of all the 'chain' [...]

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Finding The Finest Body Massage Oil

While we’re getting ready to open our London shop we’ve been experimenting with different oils and fragrances. We have an aromatherapist on our team so we’ve been busy blending, sniffing and testing to hunt down the optimal oil for a relaxing body massage. We’ve all worked before with pre-blended massage oils, but we wanted to [...]

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Wiang Kosai – Inspiration For Our Name

If you've ever been to Thailand, it was probably Bangkok and then an island beach, right? Or maybe you got up to Chiang Mai, but we bet you never made it as far as Phrae! The province of Phrae (pronounced Preh), up in northern Thailand, is one of its least explored and most beautiful areas. [...]

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Thai Massage – Yoga For The Passive

Ever found yourself wishing you were as flexible as your energetic yoga-loving friends, but don’t fancy putting in all the effort that goes with yoga classes? A Thai massage might be just the ticket! Thai massage is a term often used interchangeably – sometimes referring to massage carried out by a Thai, and sometimes referring [...]

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