Cycling This Summer? Plan On A Massage Too!

More and more London dwellers are cycling - as part of a regular commute, joining friends on a weekend ride, or for serious fitness. Whether you’re a commuter, a weekend cyclist, or a fanatic, massage can benefit you and even supplement your training routine. In the professional sport, massage is ubiquitous, with riders in major [...]

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Happy Songkran!

We want to wish all our friends, customers and suppliers a very happy Songkran (สงกรานต์) - Thai New Year! Lots of tourist visitors to Thailand will know Songkran as the water festival holiday, where streets are filled with 'water fights' and people splash water on each other. There is actually a much older tradition of [...]

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Thai Massage To Treat Tension Headache

Results of a 2015 study into the effects of traditional Thai massage on sufferers of chronic tension headaches have been published, revealing positive results. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache – coming with mild to severe pain, and generally classified into ‘episodic’ and ‘chronic’. This latest study (carried out at the Bamnet [...]

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Sharing Is Caring – Talk To Your Therapist!

The more your massage therapist knows about you, the better your massage experience will be. So keep the lines of communication open, especially to talk about: 1) Allergies. It’s obvious, really, but please tell your massage therapist before treatment if you have sensitive skin or certain allergies, or oils or lotions disagree with you and [...]

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Nervous About Your Massage? Don’t Be!

We know a lot of people are self-conscious before and at the beginning of a massage session – most often those clients who are completely new to massage, or to their massage therapist. Here we round up a few of the awkward questions you might have before your massage, and try to provide some reassurance. [...]

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Sitting Comfortably?

We regularly see clients complaining of neck and shoulder pain – and often those clients work long hours in mainly sedentary London office jobs. While massage can treat the symptoms, you often need to look for the cause. The number one cause is poor posture. Perhaps you are hunched over a laptop or computer reading [...]

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Christmas Hours!

We will be opening over the holiday period as follows: CLOSED from the 24th-28th December OPEN from the 29th-31st December (but closing early on the 31st) CLOSED from the 1st-3rd January OPEN as usual from the 4th January (We are also thinking about opening on Saturdays in 2016 - more to follow soon) We hope [...]

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