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Winter Dry Skin and Massage: Massage for Skin Health

Winter should not be synonymous with dry skin: while it’s tempting to skimp on skincare and ignore flaky skin by covering it in layers of clothing, there are a few things you can do to have beautiful skin all year round, like having a regular massage. The best thing you can do to look after [...]

Winter Dry Skin and Massage: Massage for Skin Health2016-12-16T18:44:52+00:00

Seasonal Colds, Massage and the Immune System

We tend to resign ourselves to the fact that sooner or later we’ll catch a cold or get the flu in autumn or winter. But is getting a cold really inevitable? While it’s not realistic to completely avoid situations where viruses are transmitted (being in contact with other people in offices, public transport, airplanes etc), [...]

Seasonal Colds, Massage and the Immune System2016-12-12T14:04:14+00:00

Can A Robot Really Replace Massage Therapists?

A terrifying robotic massage therapist is coming to take our jobs! This summer, Singapore-based start up company AiTreat unveiled a robotic massage arm designed to carry out massage therapy on human patients. The robot, named Emma (Expert Manipulative Massage Automation to give it its full name), is being tested with real patients at the Kallang [...]

Can A Robot Really Replace Massage Therapists?2016-10-11T16:11:28+00:00

Overcoming Anxiety With Massage Therapy

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects up to 5% of the UK population, according to the NHS. We would guess that's slightly higher in London. Obviously anxiety at times of stress is completely normal, but GAD is more like a constant worry that can seriously affect the lives of sufferers. It’s a long-term condition and usually [...]

Overcoming Anxiety With Massage Therapy2016-10-19T20:33:21+00:00

Massage To Help RSI

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the general term for the pain caused by repetitive movement and overuse of muscles and tendons. It’s always associated with work, and people whose jobs involve long periods of repetitive movement, like factory/production line workers and – more commonly in London – typists and people using keyboards for extended periods. [...]

Massage To Help RSI2016-10-19T20:33:22+00:00

What’s All This About Cupping?

The sight of Michael Phelps hauling in swimming gold medals while covered in marks from ‘cupping therapy’ has generated a couple of enquiries asking if we “do this kind of massage”. We don’t – it’s a Chinese medicine technique not a Thai massage technique. But it got us curious: we didn’t know how it worked, [...]

What’s All This About Cupping?2016-10-19T20:33:23+00:00

Herbal Compress Massage

Walking into just about any massage clinic in Thailand you will see many elements of herbal healing: rows of jars, herbs, balms and compresses. An interesting way in which Thai massage and herbal medicine overlap is in the practice of herbal compress massage. In a herbal compress massage the herbal compresses are heated in a [...]

Herbal Compress Massage2016-10-19T20:33:24+00:00

Massage And Your Immune System

We are always healthily sceptical when talking about benefits of massage that go much beyond muscular, joint, pain reduction and relaxation effects. But there have been a few studies with interesting findings on the link between massage therapy and the immune system. So here we make a quick review of one study, and wonder whether [...]

Massage And Your Immune System2016-10-19T20:33:24+00:00

Help Manage Migraines With Massage

As any sufferer of migraines will tell you: they are no fun. The light and noise sensitivity, the nausea, and the visual distortions can be debilitating and there are many other possible symptoms including pins and needles, numbness and even paralysis. And the only thing worse than a migraine is a recurring migraine: sufferers experience [...]

Help Manage Migraines With Massage2016-10-19T20:33:25+00:00